Regulations and Challenges in Industry

Residential builders are regulated in a variety of ways. Laws governing the habitats of wildlife (such as the Endangered Species Act in the United States) can impact builders,while regulations delineating criteria for energy efficiency, access for disabled persons,worker safety, and public safety also have to be taken into account (Business & Company Resource Center New Single-Family Housing Construction). City agencies such as the New York City Department of Buildings, Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development have enforcement powers over building regulations including the construction of residential and commercial properties throughout the city.

Infinite Horizons, LLC is aware that it may be necessary, depending on condition of property, to receive work permits for construction and apply for the necessary filings, such as certificates of occupancy. Infinite Horizons, LLC would look to build relationships with Plan
Examiners in the Department of Buildings who exercise control over the building plan review process for final building signoff. This relationship can help us expedite issues during the building plan review process.