Infinite Horizons LLC Real Estate Development

IInfinite Horizons is a certified New York State and City Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Real Estate Development firm that develops, manages and constructs affordable housing. We specialize in the development of Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) re-syndication of existing affordable housing, as well as new construction. The organization’s pro-active and thoughtful development philosophy has resulted in the effective collaborations with nonprofit and community based organization, faith based organizations, developers, general contractors and government agencies. The focus is to produce high quality, technological advanced, energy efficient and ecological sound buildings that all stakeholders involved can be proud of.
The goal for Infinite Horizons, LLC over the next five years will be to expand the company’s portfolio of affordable housing projects throughout New York City. The plan to accomplish this goal will be to invest in distressed affordable housing that require creative development planning to turn these homes back into community assets. Furthermore, Infinite Horizons, LLC will develop new affordable housing projects on vacant land to increase the available housing stock for New Yorkers.