Infinite Horizons Property Management

IInfinite Horizons Property Management is a minority owned and operated property management company. The office is located at 142-05 Rockaway Blvd, Jamaica NY 11436. Some of the basic functions include maintaining the integrity of the physical asset and maximizing the returns from the asset in accordance with the owner’s goals and objectives. The cornerstone of our management strategy is a firm belief that given the necessary resources we can and have been successful in the management of the residential buildings that we have been chosen to manage. Infinite Horizons Management, LLC believes that the keys to success are continuous communication, constant follow-up, persistent follow-through and that you cannot take anything or anyone for granted in this business. Serving our clients and customers are our highest priorities and goal in building our continued success.
Roland and Randall Powell manage the overall operations of the company. In their roles, they maintain the physical asset, supervise asset managers, property managers, superintendents, porters and contractors, on-site personnel and vendors on properties. They ensure all policies and procedures laid out by the owner are followed and adhered to. This includes maintaining relationships with suppliers, contractors, and others serving the property. The daily administrative activities include supervising, staff selection, training and assurance that all supervised staff comply with the appropriate policies and procedures. Interfacing with outside professionals including architects’, engineers, lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, and other individuals, as appropriate.
Additionally, daily activities include conducting formal site inspections of property interior and exterior along with making recommendations for physical repairs and/or replacements and ensure observance to safety regulations to owners to minimize their liability. This includes assuring the adherence to scope and specifications with contractors for major capital improvements (contractual; operations manual). Task such as processing daily resident service requests, resolving tenant related problems and complaints concerning rent payments and other tenant concerns. Tenant record management will be done using property management software to manage the tenant’s leases and turnovers. It also allows Infinite Horizons Management to perform follow up on outstanding work orders and apartment turnovers. Infinite Horizons Management will manage the marketing and leasing activities which include implementing marketing plans making recommendations to improve marketing and leasing efforts, as necessary. Infinite Horizons Management would perform periodic reviews of rental applications and lease forms for accuracy to ensure compliance with established policies/procedures. Including ensuring daily property files and records are maintained along with office clerical filing and record keeping systems are current and up to date. There is also a preventative maintenance schedule that is developed for each property depending upon the property needs and owners request. Infinite Horizons Management would perform rent collections and distribute rent receipt monthly. Infinite Horizons Management spends a percentage of its time obtaining market knowledge, developing community relations, and asset evaluation. We have strategic partnership with federal state and local governments in order to maintain compliance with the various regulations that govern the properties. The goal is to identify and strive to meet the owner’s goals and objectives for their asset.
Financial reporting and controlling are outsourced to an accounting firm Cobb Accounting Services located in Brooklyn. They manage book keeping and accounting services along with provide annual/monthly property report. The accounting firm submits all monthly financial reports, approves payments, approve expenditures in accordance with company policy and procedures.
Legal records and files are outsourced to a law firm that conducts background searches for prospective tenants and perform legal actions, as necessary.
Since, the company was established it seeks to expand its management portfolio and provide professional management services throughout that time. Infinite Horizons Management understands that if there are properties there will always be a need for someone to manage them. The goal of the company is to double its market share of residential and commercial management over the next 5 years.